I consider myself extremely lucky to have been able to work with Braden. His passion for design and the user, natural talent, and desire to always be improving is apparent in every project he works on. He's a team player in every sense with a total respect for everyone he works with. I think the design community could use more people like Braden who are the increasingly rare combination of a great designer and a great person.

Spencer Syfrig
Interaction Designer at Google

Braden is an outstanding designer and leader. It was a pleasure for me to work with Braden in the last 2 years and see him grow into GoFundMe's head of design. He cares deeply about our customers and his team. He is passionate about user research to truly understand the needs of our campaign organizers and donors in order to design the right experience for them. He is an excellent UX and visual designer who can effortlessly flex between managing a team and taking on projects and tasks himself. He leads by example with his deep empathy for our users, strong work ethic and collaborative attitude. In the last 4 years, Braden built strong relationships across the company, from our customer happiness team to engineering, product and the executive team. I have no doubt that Braden will be an asset to any product design team and highly recommend him as a senior designer and/or design manager at any consumer internet company.

Ran Chen
Product at Dropbox

Braden is a very skilled designer, problem-solver, and coach. He has loads of talent and experience, but his drive to learn and continuously improve himself is what makes him exceptional. I would trust him with any initiative, knowing that even if it was not in his wheelhouse, he would figure out a way to solve it and overdeliver. He's a joy to work with and makes everyone around him better. I would jump at the opportunity to work with Braden again if given the chance.

Vickie Chiang
VP of Design at Quizlet

Braden is a great designer and partner to product and engineering teams. He works well in complex problem spaces, thinking at the system level and with disparate requirements while always putting the user first.

Christina Melas-Kyriazi
Partner at Bain Capital Ventures

I had the pleasure of working with Braden across many different projects at GoFundMe. He is a terrific designer who was always pushing his individual craft, but at the same time staying involved in the overall product development process as well as the higher level strategic direction. Braden is also a lot of fun to work with. He manages to strike that fine balance between staying professional while also keeping the mood light and joyful.

Andrew Chase
Engineering Manager at Instagram

I had the distinct pleasure of collaborating with Braden for almost two years at GoFundMe. He is a consummate design leader, always developing a deep understanding of key user pain points, business goals, timelines, and engineering constraints, all while working cross-functionally to bring impactful experiences to life. Braden is incredibly resourceful and has an admirable work ethic, often stepping in to run point on critical projects with short notice. I have frequently been impressed by his ability to cut through confusion by posing thought-provoking questions at the right moments and to drive an entire room of designers, engineers, product managers, and senior executives to consensus around the best path forward.

His guidance is sought out by our CEO and other C-level executives as much as it is by his peers and the more junior members of the team he leads. Furthermore, he is just as comfortable leading a strategy discussion with senior executives, as he is speaking about insights from user researchers, or providing feedback to other designers, product managers, and engineers. Braden has been a powerful and tireless advocate for the contributions that user research and the design discipline have made to GoFundMe's success. I have no doubt that his value and impact will be positively felt in any organization fortunate enough to land him. On a personal note, I thoroughly look forward to working with Braden again in the future.

Ronojoy Chakrabarti
Director of Product, Wish

Braden cares deeply about the quality of the work and has a high bar for himself. He tirelessly does several iterations and incorporates feedback until he and teammates are satisfied. He is also thoughtful about the design process - how his work is shared, how he receives and follows up on feedback, and how he collaborates with teammates.

Aswath Krishnan
Director of Product, Noom